Stock Picks - Expert Consultants - delivers easy-to-use guidance in global stock selection for investors who wish to generate above-average returns on their portfolio.

Stoxxtip Stock Scanning Module

Stoxxtip Stock Scanning Module

The Stoxxtip stock scanning module delivers an easy-to-use guidance in global stock selection for investors who wish to generate above-average returns on their portfolio.

The Stoxxtip market scanning module covers four major stocks markets and selects index constituent companies which have delivered the highest performance over the past 40 weeks. The Stoxxtip weekly updated stock scan list is a portfolio of 40 well capitalized stocks based on performance momentum selected by Tim Straiton (Research Director at The Stoxxtip scan filter will show you the stocks to buy with the highest probability of upside potential.

Realize your investment goals with the Stoxxtip stock scanning module stock scan sample

The Stoxxtip Stock Scanning Concept

The Stoxxtip stock scanning module is based on momentum trading over an extended time frame according to the following formula:
P= M - Mx
M= the latest closing price
Mx= the closing price x periods ago

Momentum Trading

Bullish momentum trading is a strategy which scans for stocks exhibiting a long term continued upward trend. In order that this strategy can result in satisfactory results, constant monitoring of the price development is required and strict stop loss levels must be adhered to. Factors such as position sizing and the calculation of maximum risk levels are of utmost importance. Use our position sizing calculator to manage open position risk. Whilst the purchase of high performing stocks over the long term can result in outstanding profits, it should be remembered that many stocks in certain circumstances can rise to considerably higher levels than fundamentals might predict. This fact underlines the importance of strict risk management.
Stoxxtip Stock Scanning Results S&P 500 - published 1st April 2023
Stock Symbol Price 1st April 2023 Price 1st July 2023 Gain % Gain
General Electric GE $93.60 $109.85 $16.25 17.36
Netflix NFLX $339.33 $440.49 $101.16 29.81
Wynn Resorts WYNN $109.12 $105.61 -3.51 -3.22
Nvidia Corp. NVDA $270.37 $423.02 152.65 56.46
Royal Caribbean RCL $61.28 $103.74 $42.46 69.29
Arista Networks ANET $159.85 $162.06 $2.21 1.38
Las Vegas Sands LVS $57.01 $58.00 $0.99 1.74
On Semiconductors ON $75.34 $94.58 $19.24 25.54
HCA Healthcare HCA $270.59 $303.48 $32.89 12.15
Marathon Petrol MPC $128.68 $116.60 -$12.08 -9.39

Technical Review

Gold Mining Stocks - massive upside potential?

2024-03-30 by Tim Straiton

It seems the FOMO herd are focussed on AI stocks right now. One area of the stock market which has been totally ignored is the gold mining sector. The graph below shows the gold price (Gold) with an overlay of the IShares MSCI Global Gold Mining ETF (Blue).

The next graph below displays the ratio of Gold versus the IShares MSCI Global Gold Mining ETF. Both graphs indicate the considerable catch-up potential for gold mining stocks.

It is worth taking into account that a number of gold mining stocks have formed a golden cross formation, which suggests that an increasing number of market participants have discoverd this market aberation. See the list here:


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Chart Patterns

Falling Wedge

The falling wedge is a bullish pattern consisting of lower highs and lower lows of diminishing magnitude. The pattern is confirmed when the falling resistance line is broken, which should be accompanied by a rise in volume. The pattern may falter if volume remains low at the breakout point.
Falling Wedge